100% Fully Certified

Kwan Wo Ironworks Inc. is certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction to have the personnel, organization experience, capability, and commitment meeting the requirements of the Steel Building Structures category as set forth by the AISC Certification Program.

"Since KwanWo's initial mobilization late last year I have been impressed by the entire team's commitment to safety. A more recent example is the advance coordination/preparation meetings related to steel sequence of installation in Zone B. The communication related to the segmented install, in conjunction with our 3rd party structural analysis, is a prime example of how advanced strategies of safety implementation can benefit a project.

Obviously, each project is unique in its own way ~ but I am very pleased with the detail provided in their JHA's, the level of support provided by their safety department and overall safety look ahead to other areas within buildings 113/114. KwanWo is a vital component to this project's success and your overall commitment to safety is very much appreciated.

Keep up the good work!"

- Norman Hayes
Senior Project Manager, Nibbi G.C.

"To whom it may concern:

I am writing this to highly recommend Kwan Wo Ironworks Inc as a safety conscious subcontractor. My relationship with them has been as a Site Safety Manager for the General Contractor on a 300-million-dollar mixed use mid-rise overseeing their work as the Iron-Work Subcontractor.

I have worked alongside them for 14 months. In that time I have gotten to know members of their company from upper executives to the men and women working in the field. While the general nature of their work is high risk, to date I have been able to walk away from everyone of those interactions with full confidence in the fact that they are a committed ally to the overall safety of my project. Time and again they have proven with their actions that they are willing to both take direction and provide guidance and experience when needed.

It is this devotion to cooperation and experienced professionalism that provides me with full assurance in writing this recommendation. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please feel free to contact me at (415) 515-9712."

- Curtis L Atkinson, CHST, CSR
Safety Health & Environmental Manager, Balfour Beatty Construction

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