About Us

We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality construction service to owners and builders.

Since its founding in 1992, Kwan Wo Ironworks has walked a path of building rewarding relationships through the process of building exciting construction projects. Our value proposition to our customers is that we will continually evolve throughout a project and from one project to another to adapt to the rapidly changing needs of the construction industry.

What we are after are great memories with our customers. More importantly, we understand that the building blocks of great memories are zero accidents, on-time deliveries, thumbs ups from inspectors, and a Customer with a growing bank account that they feel is made possible by Kwan Wo.

On this journey we have learned so much and brought together so many interesting people, processes, and assets.


Kwan Wo’s method in building trust starts with timely and fair pricing. From our budgetary proposals to our final bid forms, from our ROMs, to our change orders, our Customers will know exactly what they are going to get, and at what price. Most notably, our Customers find that our change orders are broken down to a level that they have never seen before. This makes otherwise contentious owners change order reviews into smooth process filled with smiles and handshakes.

Upon taking on a project with you, our Project Managers, Engineers, and Coordinators will do what it takes to learn about the needs of your specific project and your specific company. We know that in construction, no two projects are ever identical. When the product is a building, with all their diversity and complexity, good listening skills, and a discipline to follow the project rules are the keys to ultimate success.

In the last few years, we have taken monumental leaps in technology. We brought together robots that snake around steel beams, blasting them with electrically charged hot plasma, and creating products in minutes, that would otherwise take hours. This will bring shorter lead times and lower costs to our offering.

We are excited to hear from you soon!

Our Scope of Work


Metal Stairs


Metal Joist


Structural Steel


Miscellaneous Steel





  • AISC certified Fabricator and Erector
  • LBABE certified by Port of Oakland
  • LBE certified by Alameda County Transportation Commission
  • MBE/ WBE certified by Bart, Supplier Clearinghouse, NMSDC, and VTA
  • SBE certified by CA DGS
  • Small business certified by Alameda County
  • Member of AISC

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