A Dream of Simpler Business

We relish the times of simple business where one party buys something and the other party delivers. From the start of project quotation to the last piece installed on site, Kwan Wo commits itself to staying organized through planning, yet flexible through customer care.

A Home for Meaningful Careers

A meaningful career is a the meeting point of job security, opportunity for advancement, and reward for great effort. Kwan Wo is a family that honors its members by continuously striving for the policies and relationships that maintain our position at this meeting point.

The Wonders of Technology

The devoted pursuit of technological advancement sustains Kwan Wo’s dream of maximizing quality while minimizing lead times and project prices. By designing in a Building Information Model (BIM) and passing that data on to robotic manufacturing, we eliminate many intermediate steps and their risks of error.


Metal Stairs

Structural Steel

Misc. Metals

Specialized Project Scopes + Full Compliance

Engineered to outlast Time | Exceeding your Expectations

Kwan Wo Ironworks prides itself in offering the highest quality construction service to owners and builders. We specialize in the fabrication and installation of structural steel that is 100% compliant with AISC and AWS specifications.


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